Fabric & Printed Hard Cover Comparison

Hard Cover Comparison

Fabric Hard Cover Binding

WITH Gold Foil Lettering/Seal

  • Fabric or Cowhide Cover
  • Gold Foil Lettering and Gold Foil Seal
  • Pages Stitched, then Glued into Hard Cover

Printed Hard Cover Binding

Not Available: gold foil lettering/seal

  • No Fabric. Cover Printed on Paper & Laminated
  • No Gold Foil. Lettering & images are Printed
  • Pages Stitched, then Glued into Hard Cover

Gold Foil Seal & Lettering on Fabric Hard Cover:

Printed Seal & Lettering on Printed Hard Cover:

Printed Hard Cover Binding costs the same as Fabric Hard Cover Binding, except:

  • Emblems and Text on the cover are free.
  • Emblems and Text are NOT applied with gold foil.
  • Emblems and Text are printed in any color you want.