Foil Stamping


Foil Lettering Features

  • Lettering with Gold or Silver Foil is available for Fabric Hardcover binding only.
  • Foil Lettering can be applied to the spine of your cover, to the front panel of your cover, or to both.
  • 2 font sizes are available for Foil Lettering: 10 point Helvetica and 15 point Helvetica.
  • Both fonts are Capital Letters ONLY.
  • Larger font sizes and styles can be applied, but you must provide a Die.
  • Spine Lettering is applied vertically by default, as shown here (click to view).
  • Horizontal Spine Lettering is available ONLY for Fabric Hardcover books thicker than 1 inch.

Custom Emblems & Seals

Provide your Die and we will apply your Emblem or Seal or Lettering with your Custom Font to your Fabric Hardcover books with Gold or Silver Foil.

Your Die must meet the following specifications (Sorry, we cannot use a Die with different specs):

  1. Magnesium metal
  2. Maximum Die size: 4 x 4 inches
  3. Die Backing: Tin Backing
  4. Reading: Wrong Reading
  5. Plate Outcome: Raised

NOTE: Foil is all or nothing. That is, you cannot have gray areas on the artwork of your die. Your artwork must be black and white only.

To order a custom die from Owosso Graphic Arts and have it shipped directly to us, download the form below and follow the instructions on it. You can also call Owosso Graphic Arts at (989) 725-7112.

Click here to download or print the form.